This year, coachella has handpicked some special Tumblrers to capture the festival through their unique lenses. If you’re FOMOing at home, or for some reason find yourself with exceptional cell service on the grounds, here are some blogs you should heed to.

Bobby Hundreds
Co-founder of the LA-influenced apparel, fashion and lifestyle brand, The Hundreds

Bryant Eslava
Fashion photographer

An online burger index curated by LA restauranteurs at The Oinkster

The festival’s official Tumblr

Food is the New Rock
Fat guy Zach Brooks (Midtown Lunch) and music geek Chuck P (KCRW) talk food and music with musicians and food people who like music and food 

Laura June Kirsch
Professional concert photographer with a new-found obsession with the GIF

Lust for Life
LA-based fashion and lifestyle photography blog

Megan Thompson*
A commercial photographer and director from Los Angeles

Milk Made
The official blog for Milk Studios, covering fashion, beauty, music, art and videos

Operation Every Band*
A music blog that attempts to review all bands performing at a single festival

We the Urban
A blog dedicated to the best in fashion, art, music and design


The Ace Hotel and Swim Club are hosting events, parties and art installations each day for the two weeks around the festival.

Keep your eye on Big Boi. His half of the mighty OutKast will be capturing some of the moments around the group’s epic return to the stage.

(photos via coachella)

*Capturing weekend #2, April 18-20

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