MUSIC MONDAY 4/7/14: 1,000 shirts in 1,000 days

On July 11, 2011, this music nerd set out to see how long he could last, wearing a different music T-shirt every day and writing his stories behind them. He started with an ALL shirt that he bought in 1990 with stolen money, and has continued to scour the Earth for rarities, classic gems, and fresh designs(Look, he also got a tattoo!)

Isac Walter has since devoted himself to merch booths, eBay, and his screen printer, celebrating his favorite bands and designers. His message to the world: “Keep enjoying and supporting music and the bands you love. And if you see me out don’t be scared to say hello and get nerdy about shirts with me. I may look like I’m mean but I am as nerdy and dirty as the rest of you.”

Happy 1,000 T-shirts, theminorthread. And many, many more.

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