popsonnet remixes pop lyrics to the tune of Shakespeare. 

popsonnet remixes pop lyrics to the tune of Shakespeare. 

VMA 2014 Moments Round Up

Beyonce is a feminist, Blue is flawless. Taylor Swift shakes it off and Miley cries after asking someone less fortunate to stand in for her acceptance speech. Sam Smith makes the world slowly sway. Nicki Minaj booty pops on Usher. Katy Perry and RiFF RAFF channel their best Britney and Justin selves. Katy Perry has no idea who Fifth Harmony is and everyone is just so damn excited. 

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RAURY • THURSDAY, AUGUST 28 • 4:30pm ET / 1:30pm PT

Hailing from Atlanta, GA, this 18-year-old has recently released two new tracks, and is opening for outkast next month in their hometown. 

Aside from his new mini-doc, we don’t know much about the guy. So go here and ask some questions, like “how do you season your ribs?”

Then follow Raury and log in to your Dashboards on Thursday at 4:30pm ET for his Dashboard Confessions. 

"I follow the craziest people [on tumblr] and I love them because they have the most incredible creativity and imaginations and some how it has made its way into my music video!" [x]

Find Katy Perry’s Tumblr and report back.



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Wiz Khalifa: A Tumblr IRL

The Blacc Hollywood Experience

Saturday, August 16, 2014, Ironwood Hall in Austin, TX

Music by trapwiz (Wiz Khalifa) and Dj Bonics, visuals by lifewithuzi (Uzi), photography by poonehghana.

Get the album tomorrow.