While Drake has yet to surface his own Tumblr (smh), blogs like this one continue to pop up and entertain. Presenting: drakesemojitattoos. Enjoy. 

BIG K.R.I.T. • TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 30 • 2pm ET / 11am PT

Gearing up to release his new album, CADILLACTICA, November 11, Big K.R.I.T. is coming all the way from Atlanta to Tumblr HQ in New York to take your questions. Submit here, follow him, and log in on Tuesday at 2pm ET for his Dashboard Confessions


Outkast/tumblr installation at OutkastATLast

Outkast have been performing all summer in front of a giant cube. This weekend, as Atlanta celebrates the Return of the G’s, the duo have installed an LED cube across the field from the stage, projecting an homage of art created by their fans on Tumblr. 

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YOU’RE DEAD! A Tumblr IRL by Flying Lotus

The first thing fans saw when they walked into Mack Sennett Studios was Michael Jackson. It was already weird, different and startling.

He pointed them to a smoked out, strobed tunnel that led them inside Flying Lotus’s brain.

A dark maze took them to Timeboy’s Shadowplay, a wall that cast moving images on their shadows.

The final room housed 8-foot pieces of album art​, a wall of moving images, more impersonators, a Grim Reaper, an Oculus immersion, and a perfectly-curated lineup of Brainfeeder DJs, a string quartet, a jazz band led by thundercattheamazing and, of course, Flying Lotus, who played his album for his fans to hear for the very first time in this lifetime. 

Oh BTW, that’s Herbie Hancock up there.

Artwork by shintarokago0086, strangelooptv and thefrequencymass. Photos and GIFs by ouncehouse.

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The Tweedy men and their muse, Sukierae (Susie).


Share your Tweedy-inspired throwback photos with us tagged #tbtweedy.

We don’t always #tbt, but when we do, it’s as good as a Tweedy family photo. 



Flying Lotus and his collaborators invite you to a very unique audio & visual experience, where you will get to experience the music from his new album, YOU’RE DEAD!, and see things you’ve never seen. 

Tuesday, Sep 23, 7-11pm

Mack Sennett Studios
1215 Bates Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90029


Click here to RSVP

Entry is limited based on capacity, so get there early and stay in line.

If you can’t make it to LA for this show, go here to enjoy the new music and visuals created by Shintaro Kago, strangelooptv and Timeboy (thefrequencymass). 

YOU’RE DEAD! can be pre-ordered, if you dare, right here.

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pearljam are back on their Tumblr game. What you know about that, fuckyeah1990s

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